Mapping Uncertain Landscape: the Satellite

Witnessing changes in the Ukrainian landscape: surveilling, tracking and targeting, diagramming, drawing, and redrawing the segments of Ukrainian terrain using a map-making machine.

Installation explores the relationship between humans and machines, the map maker and the map. Looking closer at the remote-sensing infrastructures, and their problematics. As well as questioning maps and mapping processes all in order to sense changes in the landscape that are occurring daily due to the current war in Ukraine. Transforming satellite images into maps of the territory. The machine is a metaphorical satellite hovering above the land, mapping the data with the limited amount of accuracy. The images that are being printed come straight from the commercial crop monitoring satellite called EOS SAT. Translating this information into colours (red, green and yellow), my machine can draw landscapes: it can show me the trees, the fields and the hedges. It can show me life and growth recovery and renewal.

The project was developed as a part of the EOS Data Analytics Academic Outreach Program.

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