My name is Sonya Isupova, and I am a Ukrainian visual artist and designer who is currently based in Geneva. I have completed my bachelor's degree at the Estonian Academy of Art and my master's degree in the Space and Communication program at HEAD, Geneva. Participated in various solo and group-exhibition, in Estonia and Switzerland. Most recently participated in the group exhibition at Tartu Art Museum called: “Look at me! Listen to me!”. In the past, I was working closely with art institutions creating exhibitions and graphic designs for them. Recently my practice shifted towards visual art, combining art and media, as I create machines that produce art collaboratively. Building and using machines for non-industrial use.

My current projects explore the concepts of postcoloniality, territoriality, and the dichotomy of what constitutes a map and mapping in an uncertain world. Specifically, I am creating machines that are fixated on maps and mapmaking, examining the relationship between humans and machines, remote-sensing infrastructures, and their limitations. By questioning the processes behind mapping and maps. With my maps, I aim to detect changes in the landscape that occur on a daily basis due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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