Teaching the Algorithm to Feed Us

Panel discussion (English)

Guests: Torange Khonsari, Kit Braybrooke, Monika Rut

Moderated by Viktor Bedö

Panel organised by Ozan Güngör and Viktor Bedö

Would you trust an algorithm to feed you rescued food? The panel discussion Teaching an Algorithm to Feed Us addresses the proposal of a commoning-based predictive infrastructure for the distribution of rescued food. Commoning is a socio-economic practice of self-organised producing, negotiating, distributing and using resources, where the communities that produce or manage a resource are also the communities that benefit from it. We focus on rescued food, as food has the potential to turn into urban commons after it is ejected from supermarket shelves. The panel discussion retraces proposals and questions around commoning-based infrastructures for distributing rescued food. Issues include among others negotiating and decision-making practices, unwieldy data from citizen sensing, community-based machine teaching, community regulations, and legal frameworks. With this, the discussion aims to contribute to imaginaries of just, non-extractive algorithmic urban futures.

Dr Torange Khonsari. Co-founder and Director of Public Works, an interdisciplinary practice working on the threshold of participatory and performative art, architecture, anthropology and politics, and course leader for all Design for Cultural Commons at the London Metropolitan University.

Dr Kit Braybrook. Transmedia designer & researcher whose work explores urban futures that invite more-than-human ecologies (animal, vegetal, machine and algorithmic) to walk together across new techno-social terrains.

Dr Monika Rut. Cultural entrepreneur and interdisciplinary scholar interested in how digital technologies are transforming socio-economic, political, and cultural relations. Cofounder

Dr Viktor Bedö. Researcher and experimental designer exploring imaginaries of commoning-based and more-than-human technological urban futures. Visiting Professor at FHNW Critical Media Lab Basel.

Ozan Güngör. Architect, designer and researcher working at the intersection between technology, politics, space and infrastructure.

Diese Veranstaltung findet aufgrund der internationalen Gäste auf Englisch statt. / English speaking event with international guests.

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