Do we have a problem with our problem-solving mechanisms?

Designers and artists are societies practical interface to reflect and signify values and views. We need to seize our ethical obligations to understand and weigh our subjective decisions in regard of the world we're placing our creations into. We transfer our individual and collective agency into our tools, try to grasp the world through them and automatically affirm them with their continued use. What better position to be in, to also ask why or why in this way and what are the consequences of this.

With the discrepancy between newly emerging forms of media and technology and the acceleration of their iterations; artists, technologists, and designers are facing the questions on what actually to focus on when methods and technology seem to become inseparable. The current result within the era of "digitalisation" is an alienation between us and modern forms of formalisation in which we're implementing new solutions, ideas and systems. We're not placing them into an empty space but rather into a fragile web of interconnected actors with their own values and conceptualisations of the world. The underlying principles of communication and the need to make sense of the world stay the same, but what did change is the levels of complexity and trust people seem to put in these new technologies – unable to grasp their inner workings anymore. So, the question arises if our method of creating and generating seamless experiences is the appropriate ethical approach to those levels of complexity?

The talk will be held in German / Die Veranstaltung findet in Deutsch statt.

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