The Dissolution of Content

More and more I saw myself faced with the addiction to the consumption of information on my smartphone. As well I observed at many places around me people using their smartphone while avoiding any circumstances in their environment. But the initiation for the movie was my consideration of the speed of our consumption of information.

Are we still able nowadays to comprehend and keep in mind what we were reading on our digital device? Where is the speed limit of information consumption, after that we just read a text or watch a video without processing any information or content?

If you reflect the structure of the video feeds of popular social media platforms, you jump from a violent war video to a funny cat and maybe end up at a heartbreaking talk of a political activist. Therefore it happens you remember only a few of all your video you just have watched and often in a weird combination. Anyway, each video is a click away. Sometimes it seems to me we gather information as we are eating without digesting.

Christian Lauchenauer

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