“Editon” is an immersive exploration of AI-generated art that exposes the undercurrents of stereotypes within technology. This interactive installation takes viewers through an iterative
process: from text to image and back, shedding light on the inadvertent biases AI can amplify. The project begins with raw textual prompts, showcasing the artist’s descriptions that sparked the AI’s creativity. As visitors envision the potential visuals, they’re led to AI-generated images – a fusion of language and imagery.

Yet, the true revelation comes when the AI is tasked again, using its own images to re-imagine the original descriptions. This cycle uncovers the complexities of bias woven into AI’s learning. Through subtle alterations, visitors witness how stereotypes embedded in the AI’s training data resurface, magnifying potential harm. “Editon” prompts discussions about ethical AI development, inviting viewers to reflect on their role in shaping technology’s impact on society.

Jisoo Lim & Qingyi Ren

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